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Defenition 1
A term used to describe a complete and total mega douche asshole who gets a woman because he looks or acts like Edward Cullen.

Defenition 2
Also can be used as an insult to someone who thinks their to good (for whatever their reason is) to fight you.

In both versions it tends to be said quickly so as to partially confuse who its being used on and for the fact that it sounds better that way though its not necessary.
Example 1
Bob: Hey did you see Kirstens new boy friend

Fred:yeah he's just an Edward Cullens Sparkle Pyre Pussy Bitch

Example 2
Joe: Hey man I don't want to fight your not worth it

George: Oh looks like we got an Edward Cullens Sparkle Pyre Pussy Bitch on our hands here
by Insanities_Savior April 10, 2010
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