every teenage girl's heart is with this man, er vampire.
he is thee hottest thing to ever grace this planet called earth, a 108 yr old virgin :D, bella swan's hubby/baby daddy.

he has blondeish brown hair, golden eyes, rock hard ab's, ice cold lips, and a perfect bone structure.

he is in Stephanie Meyer's fictional best selling book "Twilight"

and, is the subject of many people's fantasy's/dream's! he is also talented with the gifts of mind reading and piano skills. he is a VEGETARIAN, so only animals for him(:

andd, has a beautifull daughter named Renesmee. lives in Forks Washington, due to the fact that it isn't sunny there.
and is "17". rich is a mofo.

has a dad named Carlisle, mom named esme sisters rosalie and alice, bro's jasper and emmet.

thee end!
Caitlin: who is the god like person over there?
Karina: omg, thats edward cullen!!!!
by Caitlinskidie February 08, 2009
The hottest guy no lemme rephrase that; vampire to ever walk the planet.


Drop dead sexy
Has hott brothers
I think you get it ;)
Edward Cullen has a hot brother named emmet and a hotter Brother named Jasper
by want2go2artschl February 20, 2009
From the Twilight series, when you say someone is an Edward Cullen , the person is:
Can't control himself
and maybe a vampire ;)
Girl 1: *Sigh* Why can't Joshua be like an Edward Cullen?
Joshua aka Girl 1's bf: *.....*
by *~ Amaya Yami~* January 08, 2009
Edward Cullen is the hottest, sexiest vampire known to Stephanie Meyer's incredibly riveting books in the Twilight saga. He is the true beloved of Bella Swan and is meant to be with her for eternity.
Every woman could only dream of having such a lovely, passionate man for her self...

Edward Cullen quote: "I have waited all my life for you Bella....."
by diddlina rox--fli hi! January 08, 2009
A vampire and main character of The Twilight saga created by Stephenie Meyer.

He is husband and eternal lover to Bella Swan.
described to be the most amazingly-drop-dead-gorgeous-perfect man to EVER walk to planet. however, his only flaw is his intense love and devotion to Bella.

*Twilight explains the reason for Edward Cullen's unnatural beauty is due to his need to attract prey (humans).
*He has 4 siblings, though none of which are by blood.
*His parents were killed in Chicago due to the Spanish Influenza.
*He was converted to a vampire by his now adopted father Carlisle Cullen.
Example #1: Edward Cullen is a vampire in Stephenie Meyers Twilight saga.

Example #2: Edward Cullen is the most beautiful character ever written.

by TrinityLife September 15, 2008
Edward Cullen is a *dazzling* fictional character from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series who's every Twilighter's dream.

Strong, brave, fast, gorgeous and sparkly, this bronze haired, topaz colored eye vampire enjoys collecting cars and playing the piano.

SYNONYM: Perfection
Edward Cullen: I may not be human, but I'm still a man

Edward Cullen: You should tell Charlie, though.
Bella: Why in the world would I do that?
Edward Cullen: To give me some small incentive to bring you back

Bella: Edward I honestly can't dance!
Edward Cullen: Don't worry silly. I can.
by AlenaRachelle January 02, 2009
The romantic, dazzling, /hawt/, perfect 100+ year old vampire who falls in love with Bella swan in Stephenie Meyer's series, Twilight.
Edward Cullen? What can I say but -swoon-?
by Rosalice September 07, 2008
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