a person(s) who has split personalities and signs of madness (talking to self, feeding the park animals, talking in strange voices, making videos of themselves jumping on a bed, etc.) Often assumes their split personality of "sue", and then switches back to eduardo (really they are one and the same)
"hey !"
by sue June 14, 2006
Top Definition
Eduardo's are strong-willed can be very romantic will keep a girlfriend for a long time Eduardo's are also musically talented and are kind-hearted people. most Eduardo's are pacifists and hate fighting for stupid reasons. Although not the brightest Eduardo's perservere and hardly ever give up
I wish my boyfriend was an Eduardo like yours
by mr hi April 01, 2009
Its a name for a boy
They seem to be very attractive and handsome

When in a relationship they are the faithful ones
They tend to be very flirtatious.;]
Girl 1: who do you like?
Girl 2: Eduardo!
*Girl 1 turns to Eduardo*
Girl 1: I can see why! He's so sexy, sweet, and smart

by mamitia<3u369 April 21, 2011
A gentlemen who is tall, sexy, muscular, and has remarkable hazel eyes. Eduardos are also known for being polite and charming to anyone they come into contact with, and it is common that staring into the eyes of an Eduardo will cause instant ejaculation by both sexes.
Dude 1: Hey dude im not even gay or anything but I saw a guy at school today and I jizzed in my pants on the spot, it was so embarassing.
Dude 2: Oh that must've been Eduardo, thats normal, its happened to me like 3 times this week so far.
by Lucifer18 July 13, 2012
A mature, and entertaining person. Usually he keeps to himself, until he is talked to and comfortable. When he is out of his shell he becomes the most loving, caring, and kind person. Try's to stay open minded about situations and never judges. Very inappropriate at times. Usually gets fucked over in relationships. Most likely to fall in love with a Kenzie.
Eduardo is a great guy, and what ever girl he chooses should really appreciate him.
by Eduardo E. June 09, 2013
This guy is a straight up noob. He most likely games and eats. He is probably still into pokemon and yugioh. AND this kid has the nerve to refuse that he is a noob.
Girl: So what are your hobbies?
Boy: I like to game on my computer in my free time.
Girl: Ugh, you are such an Eduardo
by johnnynextdoor May 25, 2016
Sucks dick for free is always lieng and never takes a shower however he is bisexual and slep with is own mother
Eduardo is a mess
by BeaSteR447 July 05, 2016
A mcfat ass bitch who eats dick for his mum
A Eduardo is a cunt
by Shitscope1000 May 03, 2016
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