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Edmond Santa Fe high school has also been renowned for it's poor testing scores and use of coaches as teachers. They offer a horrendous education to their over-indulged undisciplined students, who are also notorious for drug use, underage drinking, promiscuous teen sexual activity, time-warped style sense, love of cheap modern Americanuscle cars (I.e. 3 to 9 year old mustangs and camaros, firebirds, and transams) yet they claim to be beaugoise and come from " priviliged" Edmond families who in fact take out mortgages and max out their credit, and overall FAIL-ness. This is the perfect school for parents to put their children in if they want them to end up moderately educated with multiple children, desk jobs, and never leaving the state of Oklahoma.
My daughter graduated from Edmond Santa Fe High School and she got nothing but throat gonnerea, a coccaine habit, and a poor education.
by TheFailMaker October 04, 2010
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