not very clever, in other words retarded
guy 1: hey mate i don't understand that?
guy 2: yeah its because your edis.
guy 1: *CRIES*
by supersayin gohan. April 20, 2011
Top Definition
Usually a surname origins are from the Greek Ages.
The Edis' have largely died out, however a few small families remail in Western Europe and in the Greek Islands.
The Edis' were renouned Spiritualists and deep-thinkers and it is this combination that made them highly respected members of society.
The female members of the Edis' are known to be fiercely independant and staunch believers in what is right and just.
The male members of the Edis' are known to be hard workers and great providers of their family.
All that's missing from my household is an Edis.
I aspire to be an Edis.
by Louise Bagshawe February 07, 2010
Short for edible, in reference to oral ingestion of marijuana.
Yo, hommie lets bake some edi's tonight
by masonr July 07, 2011
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