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derived from the word headie..meaning headjob... and can be used in conversation without insulting the ladies
"she gave me a GREAT EDDIE!!!"
by graham June 24, 2004
Complex piece of celery hu is obsessed wit computers n has an opinion on every-flippin-thing & hu randomly gets trees shoved up his nose and has odd friends hu are jehova's witnesses dat sell double glazing.
It's eddie the 10ft stick of celery
by Lexi November 25, 2003
a penis that stands erect at five inches or less
Look at that mans eddie! he must never get laid.
by bendovermeyers April 20, 2011
Used to describe a hair line (widow's peak) like Eddie Munster from the sitcom The Munsters. Whenever you greet this person you should shout, "Eddie!", in a rather obnoxious manner, leaving the person confused as hell if they are not familiar with the series.
Man, that guy you set me up with yesterday had a hell of an Eddie".

Your widow-peaked friend walks in:

You: "Eddieeee! How's it going?

A stranger with said hair line walks by, commence by shouting Eddie.
by Anonymous_89 February 23, 2010
a person that is a very apoligizing typa person. you can do what ever and it will be ok eventually.
my sister is so a eddie!
by marilynbabi January 11, 2009
A black pimp that owns a bitch named walead
u just pulled a eddie, i wish i was like eddie
by black nigger January 03, 2008
Disgusting perv who will never leave you alone. You'll wish he had never found your number when he never stops texting you. He's hideous and slimy and will stalk you forever. If you meet an Eddie, RUN AWAY and never turn back!!!!
Person 1: Some nasty perv keeps sending me disgusting texts.
Person 2: Must be an Eddie.

by duck_tape March 28, 2010