(Noun, Proper name) A rabbit with lop ears. He is known to be the Godrabbit of the animal underworld. Mafia ties are known. Eats veggies and Italian veggie dishes. Also known to find things that fall off trucks. Known as a ladies man.
1. Eddie got me an iPhone for $10, he said it fell off the truck.

2. Eddie is connected.

3. Eddie gave my dog a loan with only 75% interest
4. There's Eddie, he's hot.
by EddiesBlackberry November 29, 2011
Typically a guy, and a complete nerd, loves to read, has a crazy imagination and killer looks. he's a bit shy and kind of awkward but totally lovable and easy to fall for once you get to know them.
they have beautiful eyes, and give the best hugs.
he is the closest to perfect you'll find.
- "do you see that guy over there?"
-"yeah that's eddie."
-"he looks so perfect."
by rd1997 December 01, 2015
Synonymous with Ice Cube in his earlier days as a Pimp and one of the baddest motherfuckers you ever seen
Eddie looked at the Goodyear blimp and it read Eddie's a PIMP
by tigglebitties52 August 31, 2010
The typical highschool fuckboy. He will start to get close to you and your friends. Avoid him at all costs. Might turn into a stalker.
Eddie asked my friend for my address
by LegitPotao May 16, 2016
weed edible
i was so stoned from that eddie last night
by ilovefoodyum April 21, 2016
A pretty, cute Korean boy. One who plays the clarinet and has mastered Taekwondo.

Used as an English name.

It is also a nickname for names such as Edward, Eduardo, Edmund, and etc.
Awwww. Eddie looks so cute today holding his clarinet! He looks like Yesung.
by yesunglvr June 16, 2011
Someone who remindes you of a dog you once had
oh boy i went to the club last night and met a guy just like eddie! i think i can trust this one...
by fletch69 May 02, 2010
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