A name referring to the busiest dude on the planet or the act of getting busy.
"Wow! Did you see that guy? What an Eddie!"
"Last night was crazy! We totally pulled an Eddie"
by Busy Boomer June 24, 2009
Comes from the English word Edward. This name is usually referred to the people with a massive sex drive and the horny minded ones. An eddie is a person who is very popular and can date whoever he wants. He is extremely hot and sexy and normally has sex at least 8 times a week.
Chloe: He has a big sex drive
Sarah: Really? He must be an Eddie.
by funlearner June 04, 2012
A nickname for the name Edison
A guy who's great all around. Hes super sweet and funny and caring and spectacular and attractive. He's not one to have a temper; he's very patient.

He does tend to think dirty a lot. he'll make dirty jokes or try to pull a sexual move on you. but hes an understanding person, so if you speak your mind he will listen.

He struggles opening up to people, but he will overtime.
a lot of the time he's some one you can trust completely, but its hard for him to trust others. so if he trusts you; that's a huge deal, don't let him regret it.
Julie: guess who i ship Francie with?
Diana: WHO?
Julie: Eddie.
Diana: YES! oh my gosh. they would be great together.
Julie: we should hook them up
by Ana Hopson January 25, 2013
A hot stud, usually blonde or blondish. Loves sports. Very smart, has great sucess. Woman love him, guys evny him. Eddie is very looking. He's a dreamboat ^-^
person a: How hot is that guy you went out with last night?

Person b: what's the scale?
Person a: 1-Eddie
Person b: oh that's not fair. No one compares to Eddie
by Orae October 24, 2011
What Columbia from Rocky Horror Picture Show yells after "I Can Make You A Man" and before "Hot Patootie-Bless My Soul"
"Eddie!", yelled Columbia as Eddie broke through the wall with his motorcycle.
by Gwen Stefani Grrl July 30, 2004
The name usually possessed by heroes e.g: Eddie Murphy. There is a story that says a thirteen year old boy by the name of Eddie Connolly, who had a heroically enormous penis (this played a part in his story) protected his town from the evil Larry Murphy by sacrificing himself, at the risk of his anal virginity. But what Larry didn't know was that Eddie had a secret weapon, his knob-whip! He continuously whipt Larry in the face and managed to spunk in his eyes resulting in Larry getting pink-eye. Larry went home and never returned, a cowardly man who only respected children for their virginity. And Eddie remained the hero he ever was.
by DatHoleTho December 14, 2013
A unit of measurement used to desrcibe how mighty fine a lady is. Units range from 0-69 but are given only in this form (manipulation of eddies into fractions or percentages is not used)
'Person a' *Gasp* she's fit
'Person b' Yeah, I'd say she scored a solid 58 eddies
by Human definer December 05, 2013

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