The most amazing guy you will ever date. He's so honest and you will fall head over heels for him. You feel like he's the most amazing thing and he is. You will allways know that you love him more no matter what he says. the fights you get in will only make you strong. He's an amazing,cute,sweet,guy and you will never be able to love anyone else.
Kat:I love my boyfriend eddie!
Maura: awww kat you two are so cute
by Kat<3's u March 19, 2011
the best friend you can ever have, he's hilarious, crazy, and makes the atmosphere so lively, every girl loves eddie and every guys jealous of him
He makes this party so Eddie!
by eddieloverrrr February 21, 2010

Used to describe something bad ass. Eddie refers to 70's and 80's American rock singer-songwriter Eddie Money. If something is referred to as Eddie it is therefore "Money".
That shit was eddie.
by Drrock45 August 03, 2009
Sweetest guy around. Edward is an Old English name given to those who are very lucky. It is comes from Old English words 'ead' meaning 'happy' or 'prosperous' and 'weard' meaning 'guard'. Those named after Eddie often have a large penis and a love for sex. Eddie's are extremely nice guys, are incredibly attractive for not only physical appearance but also their great sense of humour, they thrive on making others laugh and are very intelligent however having such a laid back attitude is their down fall. Eddie's worst trait is letting jealously getting the better of him, if something's his, he doesn't want to share. Sometimes protective and Eddie is the perfect guy every girl wants to date for his amazing personality, good looks and charm, he'll treat a girl nice and falls for those who have an insane sense of humour. He likes to please he girl in every way, you couldn't find a better guy to date. Surrounded by friends, an Eddie is a one in a million.
1# Who's he? He's hot?

2# It's Eddie.

-Every girl needs an Eddie in her life.
by abcdefg13 July 05, 2011
Eddy, whose full name is Eddie the 'Edd or Edward the Head also known as Edward the Great, is the mascot for the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. He is a perennial fixture in the album cover art, as well as ever present in their live shows.
Maiden Fan1: Hey who's that skeleton guy on every Maiden album cover
Maiden Fan2: That's Eddie!!!
by CarlosGabriel November 11, 2009
The most supermegafoxyawesomehot man in the universe.
Linda Lou: How would you describe him?
Susie: OMIGOD he is SUCH an Eddie!!
by eddie'sgf May 04, 2011
A name referring to the busiest dude on the planet or the act of getting busy.
"Wow! Did you see that guy? What an Eddie!"
"Last night was crazy! We totally pulled an Eddie"
by Busy Boomer June 24, 2009
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