One of the foes in "The Adventures Of Jovi And Bloopeh Whos Mother Is Nirvana And Father Is Sid Vicious"...he kills Dave with his lazer vision and says "rawr." alot.
Rawr. I am the evil Eddie Vedder. Rawr.
by Bloopeh April 09, 2005
A guy that started singing rock music, then turned to folk and will fall asleep on stage one of these days
Please don't let Eddie Vedder come out to stage with jet lag!
by nantxo September 15, 2005
Front man for obsolete grunge band.
Let me let you in on a secret. He is a millionare, supports Bush, and is basically part of the machine.
by Da NavisLonga X May 03, 2005
Eddie = E.D. = Erectile Dysfunction
Vedder = Small Balls

To be called Eddie Vedder is to be called "Man with Erectile Dysfunction that has small balls."

*************AT LEVI'S HOUSE********************

Prostitute: LOL!!! You have E.D. and Small Balls.

Levi: I may be an Eddie Vedder, but I also have $60, and you have a coke habit. So to quote 50 Cent, "Clothes Off - Face Down - Ass Up."
by M Dogg August 18, 2006
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