This is the hottest fucking man alive.He's a wrestler for smackdown and he has a dumb ass nephew named Chavo who is full of himself.
Viva La Raza! I lie!I cheat!I steal!
by Tara February 24, 2005
Eddie guerrero was an amazing wrestler and a great entertainer. He was full of personality and funny as hell. His slogan "I lie, I cheat, I steal" was displayed all over wwe fan signs. He loved lowriders and was known for his sense of humor and honesty.He was such a huge influence to many and friends with many other superstars, such as batista, chris benoit and rey mysterio. The 2 most important things to him were his family and wrestling. Eddie guerrero died in 2005 due to heart failure from an overdose at the age of 38. He had so much else to give. Eddie guerrero received a very well deserved place in the wwe hall of fame.
Eddie guerrero is my hero. His love of life is a quality I will always admire.

R.I.P eddie. You stole our hearts. Latino heat lives on.
Thank you eddie!!
I will never forget you.

Orale.Viva la Raza!!
by wwefan000 February 23, 2009
Eddie Guerrero was one of the greatest wrestlers in the WWE. He'd make you laugh, cry, piss your pants, want to kill him at times, lol. Whether you loved him or hated him, you had to respect him for living the crazy life of lying, cheating, and stealing.

Then came that fateful day in 2005, when his past steroid usage caught up to him and took his life away. So sad, :'-(

Eddie Guerrero will be missed by all of the WWE Superstars, and by all of us, his fans, his family.

R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005


I can't believe Eddie Guerrero died yesterday!

I know, that is SO fucked up!

He still had so far to go, and it was taken away from him just like that!

by Saturn's Problem Child February 17, 2008
Greasy spic midget stoner. An overrated vanilla midget.
Eddie is thankfully being buried like he deserves.

Viva la jobba!
by NashMark March 28, 2005

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