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Spending an entire day buying things you dont need on Ebay. Can also be defined as scanning and listing all the trinkets and junk you dont want that some other sucker will spend hard earned money on.
I had a very productive Eday yesterday, I got rid of a bunch of scratched dvd's and got $33!!

I cant feel my ass anymore after two Eday's in a row listing my old baseball cards.
by Lunicus November 14, 2009
26 2

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On July 8, 2345 when all the nations of Earth united, putting aside former disputes, if only temporarily, to destroy an extraterrestrial threat seeking to consume the planet's natural resources, enslave it's surviving people, and expand their own empire and political influence.
On E-day almost 1 billion people died at a position halfway between the Moon and the Earth known as L-1.
by Fred! February 06, 2005
24 14
An imaginary day in 2345 made up by Fred! On this day Fred! predicts that the Earth will unite against evil aliens at a place reffered to as L-1.
TRKS: Have you heard of E-Day?
John: No, what's E-Day?
TRKS: It's crazy Fred!'s imaginary way of contributing to urban dictionary.
by TRKS February 08, 2005
10 25