a funny show on cartoon network bout 3 boys from canada scaming all the neighborhood kids for money for their beloved jawbreakers.
Ed's y'all rock man.
by Patrick Dron December 05, 2003
A really crappily animated show with stupidity in it.
"Man! What is this crap Ed Edd and Eddy, you're watching?"

"I dunno."
by TheNewAgeRiseth May 09, 2005
A really shitty show on Cartoon Network. This show is poorly animated, and just sux. It's not funny, just retarded.
This show is a perfect example on why kid cartoons suck.

adult swim is the only thing CN has going for it. As a matter of fact, as is fucking awesome! I would rather have a child watch ATHF and South Park rather than the shit on CN. At least South Park has good moral lessons to it(don't believe me, watch the end of just about every episode).

ATHF keeps it real!
Great, she is watching that fucking retarded Ed, Edd, and Eddy show.

**Sound from TV: "YAY!!!!!!!!!! BREAD MAKES ME POOP!"
by This show sux! August 02, 2005

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