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Ed Zachary Disease is when your face looks exactly like your ass, meaning you are extremely ugly.
"Ed Zachary Disease is when your face rook Ed Zachary rike your ass." - Dr. Chang of China
by -Brad- May 17, 2006
When someone's face looks Ed Zachary like their ass.
Once, an ugly girl that was making a pass at me described that she wasn't feeling very well.
I said, "Well, if I were a doctor, I think I might diagnose you with Ed Zachary Disease."
She asked what it was and I said, "When your face look Ed Zachary like yo ass."
She wasn't amused.
by Roy L'Ourtiere July 18, 2006
When a person's breath is SO BAD that their mouth smells "Ed Zachary" like their asshole.
If you do not brush your teeth you are going to have Ed Zachary Disease, and no babe will want to kiss you.
by makomark13 October 27, 2008
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