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Religious belief based off of Deism and Scientology.

The belief that God created some form of the universe and its contents that eventually became what it is now. Through evolution, today's creatures are possible.

Ectoism also says that God does not interfere with daily life and that all he wants you to do is live and refrain from harming others. The live-a-long dream.

A large part of Ectoism is the don't show/don't ask theory. God doesn't show you he exists, and you don't ask him to.

Ectoism is a very laid back religion. There is not a lot of interpreting of God, it's just 'accept and live'

Ectoists usually don't pray to God because of the 'no interference' policy. Often they don't thank God for small mercies or rewards because Jesus died for those. They believe God just wants you to live your life happily.

Ectoists believe that Acceptance is generally not necessary and/or that Hell does not exist. Otherwise, how does one expect babies or children who die early to get into Heaven if they have no chance to Accept?

Ectoists don't believe God should be a major part of your life on Earth. If you are going to be spending eternity with God after you die, why spend your whole life obsessing over Him? Study of God will not get you any farther into Heaven than acceptance will. Use the life He gave you wisely.

Ectoism doesn't ask.
guy1: why do you think God made us anyway?

guy2: I don't know, I'm Ectoist.

BAM! End of discussion.
by Trail of Silence September 27, 2008
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