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Ecstasy (MDMA - "Methylenedioxymethamphetamine") is one of the most used and amazing drugs ever. It is a stimulant and psychedelic drug. Ecstasy is often abbreviated as "E", "X", "EX", or "XTX".

It is considered of the best drugs ever because it doesn't pose any major risks to your health, is fairly cheap (depending on your area), and the high (or "roll") it gives is unexplainable and extremely incredible.

Unlike many who have posted about this drug, I have lots of experience with it and have had it many times. The feelings it brings you are total relaxation & happiness. The way it makes you feel (literally) is like this: imagine having an orgasm spewing out everywhere from your body, but the feeling 20x more intense than a real orgasm. Imagine at the peak of sex where you are literally cumming, but that feeling for hours (but feels like forever), surrounding your body. When I get up to walk around when I'm rolling on ecstasy, it feels as though I'm running a million miles an hour, and whenever I touch anywhere on my skin it feels like even more of an intense orgasm (which is why people rub their arms a lot when on ecstasy). That is the best way I can describe it.

Be aware though of what you put in your body and where you get your ecstasy. The main ingredient is MDMA, but most of the time dealers cut in (mix with) meth, heroin, or other meth/heroin based drugs (like oxycontin). You might just be on a high from meth instead of actual MDMA, because mixing in meth can be a lot cheaper. Make sure you ask your source that it's either pure MDMA or at least 90% MDMA.

Although it is not physically addictive (where you need it do just live), it can be mentally addictive where you need it to go throughout the day, you absolutely NEED that high and rolling feeling. However, this only occurs from very, very heavy abuse.

Ecstasy is NOT a drug like weed, shrooms, or acid, where you can go out and fuck around with your friends. The effects are totally different and you just want to sit down and be with someone you love or be with good friends and listen to music and just lay down; this is why ecstasy is called the "sex drug" because most people who intake it have sex while they're on it, to increase the feeling. This is not saying you have to engage in sexual activity, it's just what people do. You can still have a good time relaxing and chilling with friends, but this drug can not be and should not be used out in public (with the exception of raves and heavy parties). Turn some good music on, relax, sit down, and just enjoy the feeling.

Overall, it's (in my mind, and many others) one of the safest, cheapest, best fulfilling and amazing drugs out there. Know where you get it from, make sure it's pure MDMA or mostly MDMA, and have a good time with a loved one, boyfriend/girlfriend, or some good friends.
Ecstasy is the most amazing drug ever.
by Filter270000 August 20, 2008
A chemical ingested by anyone from party goers to suburbanites chilling out at home. Commonly known as E or Ecky its actual chemical name is MDA or MDMA. The drug induces a sense of euphoria & well being, while removing all inhibitions, opening up the mind and the heart.
Ecstasy is what made Studio 54 such a great party!!
by Steve Rubell October 25, 2003
okay its this pill you buy and its the best fellin ever you get happy and are open to everyone comming down is not so gud(from exprience)highly additive best dam drug to take if you got some weed for when your comming down from it you can get mush brain from it and puts holes in your brain!ALSO KNOWN AS BEANS!
chick 1: omg i did ecstasy last nite and i went home with somedude i didnt kno he is so nice.
chick 2 : duh everyone is nice when they are on ecstasy
chick 1:omg and i had this erge and i fuked him!
by katie shaughnessy June 08, 2007
The best thing ever.

chew it up. Snort it. Smoke it. Inject it. Let it MELT into the HUGE VEIN under your tongue..whatever you do...take it...
Got any bombs? Got any E? Got any X? Got any disco biscuits? Got any Party favors? Got any DRUGS?!?!?!
by Katy January 05, 2005
I think that E is a great drug to use...its cheap but it will effect you alot if you use it too much...it is too much of a good drug never to try cause it will alter your life and the way that you think...try it but know that it is addictive and you will be able to control yourself...enjoy!
I know...trust me i am living proof
by Amy Quinn January 10, 2005
1) n., MDMA-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. An addictive drug, usually in tablet form, that inhibits feelings of euphoria and overall well-being. It heightens pleasure when you go at it, but isn't an aphrodisiac. Dehydration is common when taking E, as it masks feelings of exhaustion, thirst, and hunger.

2) Intense pleasure or happiness. Orgasm.

3) A song on DDR
Horny teenager: "I was so shit-faced on E that I jacked off in my pants with my mind."

While having sex with her 20-year-old-neighbor on the kitchen counter, Janet had the most amazing orgasm of her life. It was pure ecstasy.

Lazy crackhead: "I finally score AAA on Ecstacy! Bow to me, bitchessss!!"
by Franscine the bitch October 19, 2006
Ecstasy is insane. It is an amazing drug. Can be snorted or popped. Once you take the ecstasy it takes a half hour-hour and a half to kick in. The high depends on the level and how much you took. 3-6 hours is normal. The cost of one roll (a pill) depends on if its a single stack, double stack, triple stack, quad stack...etc. A single stack is usually 10 bucks, double is 12-15, and triple is usually 20... 25 bucks if its super good. "Stack" refers to the level of the ecstasy. You can take usually 4-6 single stacks to get fucked up good. 2 or 3 double stacks and 1 to 2 triple stacks. Do not take over 2 triple stacks. You could die. Quad stacks are made only for true ecstasy lovers who have a lot of experience with the drug. It's very dangerous if you dont have a high tolerance for ex. I would say dont try quad stacks even if you do have a high tolerance. Always ask what type of stack it is before buying the roll. The thicker the pill, the more fucked up you will get.
Ecstasy comes in many many different colors and designs. Each pill is dipped in a different drug at the base of the pill (ex: lsd, cocaine, heroin, etc.). The colors and designs represent the drug it is dipped in. Only about 12-15% of an ecstasy pill is pure ecstasy, (unless you get pure MDMA capsules which is usually 90% ecstasy and is CRAZY FUN); the other 88% is filled with house hold cleaners that help to get you high.
You may have heard that each time you get high from ecstasy it takes an ice cream scoop out of your brain. This is not true; though it does burn small holes in your brain one high at a time. The house hold cleaners burn a hole in your brain and make it bleed. The blood drips down onto your spine to get you fucked up; similar to how acid works.
Sounds dangerous... but a few times wont hurt. It is not a scary drug in the least unless you take more than your body can handle. I've done it too much. Coming downs a bitch the next day the better your high is. Make sure your with friends when your coming down, but just know youll be back to normal the next day :)
"I really loveee ecstasy!!!!!!!!!"
by texasspk March 29, 2008
your mom is ecstacy, ja?
by Republican Nazi June 29, 2003