a hipster who thinks they're better than everyone else because they recycle. often lectures other people on the environment without any valid information to back up their claims.
person1: "sally has turned into such an eco-hipster, i can't even talk with her anymore"

person2: "I know. the other day she lectured my for an hour about the oil spill, and then asked me to drive her the 3 blocks to the bus stop."
#hipster #environment #green #cool #oil spill
by krapart June 26, 2010
Top Definition
A hipster with an obsessive predisposition toward local and organic foods, ideologies, and practices.
Person #1: "Why'd Courtney stop showering every day?"
Person #2: "Same reason Kelsey is now washing her hair with baking soda... they've gone eco-hipster!"
#organic #hipster #local #natural #green
by chill90 November 02, 2011
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