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Eco describes a sub-social group of people who are passionate about the enviroment. Like any other social group Ecos are identified by their group behavior, clothing styles, and in some cases dogma or activism. Related sub-social groups are Hippies and New Agers.
Mark is totally Goth, Andy is Emo, and Chuck is Eco.
by Big Jimz April 30, 2009
Typically used in online multiplayer games. Term is used to refer to the postponement of buying weapons and\or equipment for a round, in order to stockpile money for the proceeding round(s).
Counter-Strike: If a team looses the first (pistol) round they are forced to 'eco' in order to have enough money to buy AK\Colt in the 3rd or 4th round.
by J.Webb October 07, 2005
The only Butt that has ever run for the presidency of the United States. May be spotted along with his V.P. candidate G-Boo.
E-CO for president! "Don't for the 'US' in ANUS."
by Joober January 23, 2005
a person who is in touch with the environment or just wierd. usually hugs trees and has no friends.
go home eco!you have no friends. go hug a tree.
by Olivia and rosie May 21, 2005
The enviroment. - heard on "Day to Day" on Michigan Radio, February 4, 2008.
"She is concerned about the eco."
by fingolfin February 05, 2008
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