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An eclaire is a sex move involving three men. one man remains on his hands and knees throughout the entire process. The other two men take their penis's and stick them into the mouth and bum of the man on his hands and knees.

The man in the middle rocks back and forth until both men ejaculate into the holes that their penis has occupied for the past several minutes. chocolate icing is spread on the back of the man in the middle.

With the chocolate frosting, and cream coming out of both ends. The man will accuratly resemble your favourite dessert, an eclaire.
1. We all decided to try an eclaire today. when we were done he looked soo good that we both decided we would eat him.

2. That eclaire last night was the best one we have ever done together.
#sex #moves #positions #eclairs #eclaire #three guys #gay
by Graemeseys April 25, 2010
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