Very beautiful women. Athletic, smart, independent, hard working and charming. Has natural beauty and nice body. Always there for others. Shy at first but is bright and cheerful once comfortable. Ebony doesn't love often but she always loves hard. Any man is lucky if he dates an Ebony and will never get tired of her. Great in bed and very freaky. Ebony is a good choice for any friendship or relationship.
Jay : 'Man, I met this girl and she's awesome'

Mark : 'Aw cool, what's here name?'

Jay : 'Ebony'
by Godness October 02, 2014
1. the essence of dark skin that is enriched and plentiful with melanin. greatness. beauty. love. the word derives from the dark hardwood native to southern India and Sri Lanka. often referred to by person or skin tone.

2. your man's favorite porn section.
ebony is beautiful
by beautywonderss November 04, 2014
Ebony is good at twerking and is better than everybody else
by 💕💕💕💕 August 15, 2013
Ebony is a beautiful girl who is so attractive and piff.She gets all them boys no one will reject a kiss from her.She is a hot leader, good at sports and activities. Like what we said before she gets all them boys and all the slut are jelous of her. She is mostly friends with people who have similar interests like her.she brings alot of Good luck.she is good in bed and popular. Her milkshake brings all the boys to the need a girl like this in your life or your life isn't worth living.everyone wants to have intercourse with this girl.she is loyal unlike the other bitches.
"That girl turns into Ebony when we are in bed"
by I'm always right 123 February 08, 2015
Black girl with huge boobs.
That girl is such an ebony i would fuck her.
by Sagan Hater October 11, 2014
Porn name for black ppl
Black busty ebony
by DaDON January 18, 2015
A name given to black women in porn.
Video titles:

White man fucks ebony
Big boobs ebony
by Die Nacht April 22, 2010

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