a collection of retards
Bree, dan, traz
by Raspise January 21, 2004
Top Definition
A group of people brought together by a video game, which just refuse to find something better to do then talk to each other. They are as diverse as the people who play video games, as stubborn as any yuppie, and generally self-serving in their ideas and beliefs.

Mostly Harmless.
Ebolters have found my website and now they all want to talk on it. Why will they not go away!
by Someone April 07, 2004
A loose gathering of geeks, nerds and gamers from across the globe, brought together through their passion for muffins, mad skills and the fleeting hope that Ali will one day finish his comic strip.
Where the Ebolters went, they left naught but devastation. All they saw, they consumed.

One of them even ate my cat.
by Ali February 24, 2004
A bunch of hooligans.
Our Gossip Room was taken over by a bunch of hooligans. We have temporarily closed the Gossip Room while we try to get things back in order. The internet isn't always a very nice place, I guess.

Thanks for your support,
Connie and Brian
by Connie and Brian February 23, 2004
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