Actually Eazy E wouldn't be nothing without Dre because Dre took Eazy up. And Eazy and N.W.A. wasn't the first gangsta rappers there was Puplic Enemy first.
by Fan July 15, 2003
this guy was tooled so hard by Dre, beacuse Dre rules. Basically, just open your eyes. Dre drops The Chronic (multiplatinum) and Eazy E does.. nothing. Eazy E dies, and four years later Dre drops 2001, the best rap album ever. Eazy was Dre's bitch and would have done better to stick with him. instead he sucks.
Dr. Dre is better than Eazy E.
by boom boom b July 16, 2004
short lil greased headed badass nigga, use to be part of nwa. a westcoast rapper, godfather of gangsta rapp.pussy fuckin innovator of sorts, first gangsta rapper to die of aids
height don't fight, dat nigga E is a crazy muthaphuckka! eazy-e
by eazy-x January 22, 2008
stupid guy who had no life and is a dumb rapper okay.. yup thats it.. and he stupid too.. and dummb
i am stupid yup he is dumb
by todd bertuzzi February 25, 2005
The front man from NWA who is worshipped now that he's deceased. He was notorious for his extremely sexual lyrics, Dr. Dre diss track, and lack of skill at rapping. He died of AIDs and was 5' 3!
Educated NWA Fan: "Eazy E wasn't even good at rapping.."
Ignorant Fanboy: "You're wrong, he was the best rapper in NWA! RIP EAZY 64-95"
via giphy
by lilmamapop August 25, 2016
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