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greatest raper ever. raped with NWA and had hit like Fuck the police, Strait out of compton and Gangsta Gangsta. and even had a decent solo career comming out with real mootha fuckin G's untill he dies of aids in 96'
Its the E A Z Y E and its the season to let the real mother fukin G's in- EAZY-E
by Slick Rick June 12, 2007
a buster, betrayed dr. dre, definetly a fake rapper.
"man, eazy e should have got shot for being such a buster fool."
by sir bluntar January 12, 2007
A nickname given to New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning by his teammates during their 2007 Championship season.
Eazy-E just beat the Patriots!
by Hoochie Paolucci February 05, 2008
the guy b4 me is kinda true, Eazy E would be nothin without Dre cos dre went on to makin millions where as eazy had a few hits but nothin more.

But nWA were the 1st "gangsta rap" group without them we neva have seen such great artist like 2pac
R-I-P Eazy E but Dre is better
by Cap\'n Pimp October 10, 2003
Not as good a man as Dr Dre he was a great rapper and lyricist
but would be nothing with out dre's bumping beats.
Im eazy e the one there talkin about. nope they are talking about dre.
by MaxTr December 16, 2005
Actually Eazy E wouldn't be nothing without Dre because Dre took Eazy up. And Eazy and N.W.A. wasn't the first gangsta rappers there was Puplic Enemy first.
by Fan July 15, 2003
this guy was tooled so hard by Dre, beacuse Dre rules. Basically, just open your eyes. Dre drops The Chronic (multiplatinum) and Eazy E does.. nothing. Eazy E dies, and four years later Dre drops 2001, the best rap album ever. Eazy was Dre's bitch and would have done better to stick with him. instead he sucks.
Dr. Dre is better than Eazy E.
by boom boom b July 16, 2004