One of the hardest mutha fuckin rappers ever!!! Eazy was from Compton.He was in N.W.A.. He died in 1995 of Aids.
Punk bitches like 50 cent aint got shit on Eazy E!!! Only spm even comes close.
by mateo chavez September 05, 2007
the best rapper who died of AIDS in 95 hes a real muthaphukkin g
his song "real muthaphukkin g's" bye eazy e
by eazy's fan March 03, 2007
Eazy "mutha fuckin" E..Your all talkin "hiphop" why???shite more like it , One of the biggest mis-conceptions in music , hiphop lyrics where , and are , not about gun violence , Where on the De LA Soul classic album "3 feet high and rising " does it go on about the AK-47 is the tool ? Eazy wasn't a hip hop artist , he was a rapper {gangsta} 2 completely different things...Part of N.W.A.Niggaz With Attitude along with Ice Cube , M.C. Ren , D.J. Yella , Dr. Dre they where the 1st gangsta rap artists 2 cross over mainstream , which caused outrage , especially among the white American "middle classes" , sex , drugs , violence , could of been talkin about them !! but no , they where talkin about life in comptonand the reason for the uproar , and the mainstream crossover was "White , middle class American , teenagers"..
Sadly with us no more
Aidsdon't die of ignorance
Eazy r.i.p.
boyz don't be silly ,get a nodder on your willy...
Peace and long life
"The title BITCH dosn't apply to all woman , but all woman gotta lil bitch in em"
Wow what a line!!!!!!!!and never a truer word spoken...
Eazy E r.i.p.
by monks July 22, 2006
The greated rapper there ever was.He died of aids but he still lives today.He is the godfather of gangster rap.
R.I.P Eric Wright aka Eazy-E
I have pictures of Eazy-e on my binder.
by Karlachavira April 08, 2008
the Muthaphukkin best EAZY-E Muthaphukkin E father of gangsta rap and of west cost rap (PS: fuck that pussy ass nigga dre and that bitch ass sell out of snoop dogg doing show whit P. Diddy)
by the great one EAZY E (A mother cries,another
son lies in a casket,life was fun while it lasted. Tha silly bastard had
to get caught,set tripn
you should of seen that niggaz blood dripping.To many lives took
to many hearts broke,but
you dont hear me so you see my fuckn gun smoke. Some ask why do I take
so many lives)
by COMPTON 213 April 06, 2007
Eazy-E was 1 of the best rapper ever alive. His beat was awesome, lyrics always rhymed, NWA member & the best rapper. He dissed the shit out of Death Row R. & his memory will still live on. He aint fake like other now a day rappers & is real straight outta compton. Eazy-E died by AIDS but he was still the greatest rapper to join Rap Nation. He is The GodFather of Rap Nation. EAZY-E 4 LYF3 (Eternal E.

Eazy E- The Godfather of Rap Nation.
Tupac- The Legend of Rap Nation.
Biggie- The Father of Rap Nation.
R.I.P. Eazy-E (World's most greatest rapper)
by Eternal-E November 16, 2008
For all of you bitchin bout Dre or Eazy being better..

"Don't be a follower, be a leader. Stay off the next mans nuts."

R.I.P. Eazy E. Without a doubt best of his genre, Gangsta Rap.
by JGunz187 September 09, 2007

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