Defined Gangster rap, brought Ice Cube and Dr. Dre from poverty to riches, and in the end was dissed by them. Started up the once strong Ruthless Records, and created the notorious rap grou pf the 80s and 90s NWA. Died from AIDS, but is always remmebered by his fans and his tru friends Bone Thugz and harmoney, and DJ Yella!
Motherfuck Dre, Motherfuck Snoop, Motherfuck Deathrow, yo and here comes my left blow!
by G's Up, Hoes Down December 06, 2003
The Greatest of all time, rapper Eazy-E was the shit. Eternal E
Eazy muthafuckin' E, bout to kick ass in 93.
by Eazy-E Foever Beyatch! February 23, 2005
The first rapper who actually talked about the truth, instead of fucked up bullshit; without him Dre. wouldnt be shit.
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
eazy was one of the realest rappers. most of them are pretenders now. and E was not homo.
eazy is still one of the best.
by I hate fakes August 08, 2003
The realest nigga from the CPT. Fuck all them fakers.
Dr. Dre was Eazy E's bitch!
by Muthaphuckin Real G December 04, 2003
best rapper ever and we will never forget what he did for us God bless him
eazy e is da shiot
by dan re man June 29, 2003
Godfather Of Gangsta Rap

Who, in his lifetime dissed the fuck out of the notoriously gay Deathrow Records.

With such great cd's as the classic
It's On 187um Killa
And Eternal E
"It's tha E to tha' A -Z-Y, Nigga this East side Snoop Doggy Doggy Dogg ya wanna' try"
by Knives January 26, 2003
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