the fuckin best rapper ever n e one who says different needs to fuckin learn their shit dre was a fuckin punk bitch look up dexter wiggle n ull see EAZY E IS THE FUCKIN BOSS FUCK SLIM
eazy e is the only real rapper from the cpt cept yella n cube
by mike leal March 24, 2005
Was one of the realest niggaz in the game. And Spit Some Real Shit Out To Those Fake Ass Bustas. And if he hadn't died then the artists signed to his label wouldn't of fell off but Bone kinda lost there style after E.1999 Eternal man there shit was tight but there new shit is wac
Str8 Off Tha Streetz Of Muthaphukkin Compton
by Mike April 14, 2004
Eazy motherfukin E the realest G from the West Coast. Greatest gangsta rapper ever to grip a mic. Started Ruthless Records which paved the way for all the west coast shit. Overlooked these days by clowns who think DRE started it all. Deserves the respect people give to 2pac and BIG. Dre's a gay, FUCK REN, FUCK CUBE the motherfuckers didnt even show up at his funeral. FUCK DEATHROW>>> EAZY AND YELLA 4 LIFE.


"you're only 60 pounds when yer wet and wearin boots"
"Hunting a dogg named snoop
You can run nigga but you can't hide
Eazy-e straight creepin on the east side 7
Tenlong beach south caught snoop free basin
In a rock house i kicks in da door
I said it befoe i never let no busta test me no more"
by eazy4life February 18, 2006
An underrated gangsta rapper who started NWA and Bone Thugs n Harmony. To those who think he was Dr Dre's b*tch, I don't know but Dr Dre wouldn't have been doing hip hop w/o Eazy. Born Eric Wright, met with DOC, Arabian Prince, and Ice Cube and convinced them to make a rap group after recruiting Dr Dre and DJ Yella from the R & B group, "World Class Wrecking Crew" and created the greatest group EVER, NWA. After "NWA and the Posse" Arabian Prince and DOC left but still ghost wrote for the group. Than MC Ren joined the group. Ice Cube realized that he and the manager were getting paid better so he left, the remaining dissed him which Cube than retaliated w/ No Vaseline. Dr Dre left and Eazy made It's On(Dr Dre)187um Killa, an EP dissing Dre. Mentored Bone Thugs and others until his death by AIDS in 1996 (?)
In my oppinion the greatest MC ever.
Fav songs
1. Neighborhood Sniper
2. Eazy Duz It
3. Merry Muthaphuckin' xmas
guy: did you see Eazy E's "Real Compton City G's" video?
Guy 2: It's Real Muthaphuckin' G's and yes, Dr Dre looks like a phuckin' anorexic, plus it was tight when he pulled out the Smith & Wesson.
by Lil' Pimpin' May 30, 2006
the best rapper n the only one realy for the CPT all other like dre r fuckin posers fuck dre fuckin punk bitch hes eazys bitch for real n n e one that says e-z gay is a fuckin bitch
dr dre was eazy e fuckin bitch
by mike leal March 24, 2005
Eazy muthaphukkin E was one of the only true gangstas on the west coast.Without him rap wouldnt be shit, no DRE, no NWA, no 2pac, no snoop, none of these muthafuckaz.People never give Eazy any fuckin credit 4 wot he did- after all he started gangsta rap (except Ice T).All u east coasters can suck my shit gangstas r only from the west.Staight off the muthafukkin streets of compton biatch.
Eazy-E 1995- 4evr
Cruisin' down the street in my '64
Jockin the bitches, slappin the ho's
by MANSON13 December 27, 2005
Hey yo this for that dumb muthaphukka named "todd bertuzzi" U say Eazy is dumb and stupid and all that shit if Tha E was still alive id like to see your faggot ass say that write in front of him he'd beat tha fuckin shit out of you, you probly some lil white boy listenin' to 1/2 a dollar(50cent) and sayin hes tha best.
EAZY-E Duz It. WestSide Muthaphukkas.
by WeeM Thug June 20, 2006

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