It's very apparent to me that those who lambast Eazy-E don't have much of a grasp on Hiphop history. Some here have stated that Eazy would have been nothing without Dr. Dre, but in fact, quite the opposite is true. In 1986 before the pair met, Dre had never even dabbled in the Hiphop genre. His sole claim to fame at this time was that he had engineered the beats for the World Class Wreckin' Cru, an electro/soft R&B group.

Then Eazy-E, a former drug dealer who wanted to break into the music biz, recruited Dre (as well as the Cru's DJ Yella) for a rap collective that he was putting together. This group became known as NWA, and the rest is history. Ostensibly, Dre never would have entered the rap game OR the Hiphop producing game, had Eazy not seen the talent and potential in him. FYI: Eazy's gift for spotting emerging talent led to his discovery of such groups as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Above the Law, and the Black Eyed Peas (who were more than pop-rapping sellouts at the time).

In conclusion, I hope that those who eschew the legacy of Eazy-E will note the fact that Dr. Dre's career was the product of not only Dre's talent, but of Eazy's ability to recognize and promote that talent. Eazy was Dre's mentor, and the respect or admiration of one does not necessarily require a dismissal or feelings of animosity toward the other. The pair eventually made peace, though it certainly could have taken place under happier circumstances. The lives and music of both men will live on long after the epitaphs on their tombstones have weathered away.
"Rest in peace, Eazy E"
by Buddy-Rey February 17, 2006
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Born Eric Wright. Eazy E was born in Compton on September 7, 1963. A former drug pusher and 10th grade dropout Eazy puts his stuff together with Ice Cube and Dr Dre to make "Boyz n the Hood'. Eric W. meets J Heller and together they form Ruthless Records.With a new label and Dre, Ice Cube, Dj YElla,Eazy E, and MC Ren, the West Coast gangsta rap group N.W.A releases Straight Outta Compton a controversial album of ghetto LA life. The group releases the single "Fuck tha Police" which leads to the FBI sending a warning letter to Ruthless. Eazy released 'Eazy duz it' his only complete solo album in 88. Ice Cubes leaves NWA which leads to Dr. Dre also leaving NWA. Eazy's career was in trouble now, with Dre gone no one could produce the beats. This lead to Ruthless spirlaing downward. In desperation Eazy signs Bone Thugs n Harmony, which becomes a huge group.Eazy releases tracks once in a while, but in mid March of 95 Eazy finds out he has AIDS and 10 days later he dies of AIDS related lung illness. RIP EAZY 63-95
"Eazy's fued with Dre was heated but they needed each other Dre perfected the beat while Eazy locked the flow"
by Backdoorbeads December 20, 2004
one of the realest rappers ever. rap is no longer ganksta, but is took over by actors such as 50 cent
by I hate fakes August 04, 2003
Founder of Ruthless Records back in the mid to late 1980's. A Real G from front to back, not a poser like most of these fools in the game today. Founder of NWA. Put the city of Compton on the Map. Pioneer of Gangsta Rap. Funded many great acts in rap history (Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, NWA). Had beef with Dr.Dre/Death Row Records in the early 90's. Died of Aids on March 26, 1995.
"I Don't Think I'm All This,or That, But I'm All Me, Original Gangsta, E-A-Z-Y-E"
by Ruthless G April 16, 2004
One smooth mother fucker, who died of AIDS.
The boys in the hood are always hard....
by harold July 27, 2003
In a world of 50 Cent, Ludacris as the top artist from Americas failing youth, Eazy E may be a lost memory soon. He's one of the most talented rappers ever to grab a mic.
RIP Eazy. Ludacrs and 50 have nothing on you!!
by dehidral767 June 17, 2005
a gangsta rap pioneer who was part of N.W.A. head of ruthless records; died of aids in 95
by Anonymous April 20, 2003
Mentor of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
I got to have it, bitch
Foe tha love of tha shit
Muthaaa fuckaaa!!!
by Omega Death November 18, 2003
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