when a guy sticks skittles up your vagina and then eats them out.
Example 1
Girl 1: Hey theres Skittles.
Girl 2: Why do they call her skittles?
Girl 1: Because she lets guys eat skittles out of her vagina
Girl 2: EWW!

Example 2
Guy:Hey baby.
Girl: Hey.
Guy: Want to come over to my house later and ill eat some skittles?
Girl: Sure.

Eating skittles is pretty gross and mostly only sluts let guys do it to them as they have no self respect.
by xoxILRGxox May 14, 2009
Top Definition
Term used to identify homosexuals or call them gay. The tagline for skittles is to 'taste the rainbow'
When you see two gay guys walking down the street. You'll be thinking 'those two are definitely eating skittles'
by La femme lakita November 06, 2010
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