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An new trend that consists of walking around, usually a school campus, munching on delicious carrots. Usually they are small and held in a baggie of some kind, but not necessarily. It is often associated with people who have enlightened views on health, literature, music, politics, and most other subjects (see hipsters).

The first time carrots were ever eaten on film was in the movie Rushmore(1999). The character of Rosemary Cross offers some carrots to characer Herman Blume.
"Hey look at that fag walking by eating carrots." -frat guy

"Actually, he's not gay." -frat guy's girlfriend
by yeahItappedthat March 05, 2007
A way of saying someone is sucking a dick, or giving a blowjob.
i bet that girl likes eating carrots
by swiffer January 19, 2006