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Something you can write on the bathroom wall at your local bar in the crapper for a qwik laugh.
Eat the corn. Drunk people laugh at this.
by LayItonYou March 20, 2007
hmmmmmmmmm..... I thought this would be self explanatory. I think everyone has heard this expression: That chick is so hot that I would eat the corn out of her shit. Well, thats where this comes from. Its just a shorter version.
1) Baby, you sure are lookin fine tonight... in fact you look so fine I'd "eat the corn".

2) Hey Schmed, looky over there.. she looks like Pam, I'd definitely "eat the corn".

3) Dude, your Mom is so hot...tell her I wanna "eat the corn".
by Knucklehead Steve July 31, 2004

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