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When you see a super hot chick and you actually think her shit don't stink. You actually visualize rimming, sucking on, and eating out her asshole even with remnants of shit in her butt crevice. But, to you, it is well worth it because she is sooooo hot. Sometimes it can be used as an Acronym : (ETSOOHA). It is pronounced "Et-sew-ha".
1.) Horny Bastard: Look at Britney Spears....she has a super juicy butt and looks hot!

Fat Bastard: I would so Eat The Shit Out Of Her Asshole!

2.) Nerd#1: Do you think Britney Spears is hot?

Nerd#2: Man, I would ETSOOHA anyday!!!
by Sicilianbuttfucker June 21, 2011