Noun: When somebody does or says something that is overly intense and macho, usually to a comical degree.
Etymology: Comes from the last name of the famous dirty harry star Clint eastwood.
Tommy: Nice shoes steve, I didnt know you could get high-tops in the castro district.

Peter: I don't know who you are or why you came to this town, but i want you gone punk... I reccomend you start packing heat, cause i'm comming for ya.

Ben: Dude, pete, what's with the eastwood?
by Pepsi X-treme July 09, 2005
A tall ginger person who manages to injure themselves on a regular basis.
"You should be more careful, you're becoming such an Eastwood."
by ilikeyourmum May 02, 2007
to use matches instead of a lighter
Anyone have a light?
-Here's some matches, I've been eastwooding all night
by B_K May 20, 2006
the home of bell house records consiting of brick ,JB,big pooh,yung magic,no good and other eastwood affilaites like g-jones,dew,hunt,c-murv,wax,cheata,e dub and whole lot more..
you going to eastwood?
yea im gonna swang on tha 3200...
by unavilable March 01, 2006
home of the poor and homosexual, where garbage floods the streets and hobos live in flats
mayor: mr. m. davis and his wife, isaac
by scalp August 01, 2003
male prostitute from yorkshire
Sleeps with anything with a pulse. Exhibit A....Pam
by Anonymous February 28, 2003

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