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Something large gets dropped on someone from out of nowhere.

May be followed by a feeling similar to "oh no..."


A combination and shortening of "witch of the east" who got a house dropped on her in "The Wizard of Oz".

The witch of the east didnt know the house was coming, couldn't dodge it, and totally got smashed by it. Leaving only her feet and shoes to not be crushed by the weight.
Used in situations similar to, but not limited to:

At work when a project gets tossed/thrown/dropped on you and you realize "wait, what, oh _______".

"Dude your foot just got eastwitched" (someone dropped something large on his foot while moving)

"I just got eastwitched" -

At work and a huge project or task gets dropped on you and there was no idea that it was coming.

"I think I just got eastwitched..."
by Markusmaru February 09, 2013
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