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In the 1980's or 1990's when you thought of gangtsers in tacoma you thought about hilltop.Now days the hotbed of gangs and drugs in tacoma is on the eastside. I recent years the crime on eastside has been growing fast. mckinley ave is the heart of the eastside. Tacoma had 24th worst crime rate last year, and is the 4th most dangerous city on the west coast, after Richmond, Oakland, and Compton.Tacoma has a wide variety of gangs, from, bloods, crips, folks, b.g.d, norteno, surenos...ect..
you from hilltop? - john doe

Nah Blood, eastside tacoma washington all day! b-dawg

What is eastside?- john doe

GUNBLAST! - b-dawg

SCREAMS! -john doe
by TACOMAS MOST WANTED June 29, 2009
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