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A college where one goes to get rammed in the ass several times a day. When necessary, bukakke will also be awarded. Full of frat-tastic douche bags and wiggers. All males are dumbasses, while only a select few of the females are intelligent and sexy. The majority of the girls are dumb though. Most do not care about education, and are too stupid to go to a real college anyway. Much more like a large community college, rather than a university.
Guy 1: Why are you so damn stupid?
Guy 2: I go to Eastern Washington University.
Guy 1: I completely understand.
Guy 2: I don't know shit.

"Yes! I'm going to college! I have a 2.1 GPA and didn't even apply till late August!"
"That's not even a real college. Have fun getting fucked up the ass."
by pubefloss33 June 03, 2009
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