An exceptionally large lagomorph that died for our sins (or was that Jesus?) and, during the month of April, delivers delectable candy treats to all the good little Gentile boys and girls of the world.
On Easter’s Eve, the Easter Bunny arises from his tomb to spread good tidings and tooth-rotting chocolate Christ statuettes to all.
by Dolphin_X April 17, 2003
A super sly sex move where the man sticks a festivly painted egg into a womens gina and/or anal hole, he then continues to strap a blind over his eyes and search for the egg, once found he proceeds to crack the magical egg on his boner and eat it raw
1. Anthony gave Emma an easterbunny, and connor was all like sweet.
by connorh March 24, 2007
Refers to a vehicle originating in eastern Canadian provinces. Typically exhibiting symptoms of accelerated corrosion due to roads salts used during winter months. Easter Bunny's are ones to avoid or at least pay less for.
Whoa, look at all the rust on this car, it must be an Easter Bunny eh!?
by Toastierz March 27, 2015
This one takes either a very droopy set of balls, or a nasty butt slut. You put your balls in the ass of the girl while having intercourse.
Just like the easter bunny, you gotta hide the eggs!
by Neil B September 18, 2006
A used automobile from the eastern provinces or states, where humidity and excessive salt combine to cause premature rust.
I searched for a used car in Alberta, but most of the lots were full of Easter Bunnies. An Easter Bunny is usually easy to identify by the corroded aluminum surfaces under the hood, especially on the radiator and engine. I guess since used cars are worth so little out east, they ship them here and get a good price from unsuspecting or naive buyers.
by rpn453 January 20, 2011
The fat, scroungy-looking, trailer trash white woman who is always on the arm of some Black male.

Rationale: bunny-like (fat and white with pink nose and ears).
All these young Black males seem to want these days is a free ride with an Easter bunny.
by Hidatsa June 08, 2005
the act of sticking hot hard boiled eggs in ones ass and launching them for distance.
We played easter bunny and now my rusty muffler is killing me !!
by slap nuts April 22, 2006
A creapy guy in a buny suit who has a fetish for chickens
"oh my god! The easter bunny's fuggin chickins"
by Santa May 03, 2004
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