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Home To The Scum Of the already Scumy Utica. The Most likley place to get shot in central NY. Population includes Black people, Mexicans, Bosnians and Wiggers.
Jacob: Im Feeling black today lets go to East Utica.
Wise-ass White Kid: Jump For Me.
Jacob: Nevermind.....
by John Bizzie July 07, 2008
"Little Italy" of Utica, New York; large numbers of more recent Bosnian immigrants but still a heavily Italian presence. Home of "Tomato Pie," "Greens," "chicken riggies," and lots and lots of primered-out Monte Carlos and Camaros with Sicilian horns hanging from the mirrors. Like the rest of Utica, the East Side is becoming increasingly ghetto, but is still a good place to get good, cheap Italian food.
"Yo dawg, lets roll to East Utica, I gotta check out this Monte Carlo for sale up there and stop at that guido bakery to pick up some shit for my moms"
by Muscles Marinara September 25, 2009