A miniscule town on the south shore of Long Island. It's got a grand total of two delis and a gas station. Main attractions include shit-ass deli sandwiches and a plentiful drug market. Population: white gangsters, future delinquents, burn-outs, abercrombie&fitch-wearing chicks, & old people. It's known as EMO (irony?) by the elementary/middle schoolers.
This town is as boring as fuck, but it's no East Moriches.
by that whiite kid. December 03, 2008
A small town on the eastern south shore of long island. Not the most exciting place but in a really good area. Most kids go to westhampton high school. generally a wealthy are made up of large houses or smaller summer homes where people live year round. everyones basically white and girls are preppy. everyone there parties in the hamptons year round.
hey jen lets go to my summer house out in east moriches

sounds good!
by longislandchick November 28, 2009
A shitty town with a deli that is run by a dumb cunt/dike/bitch. This shitty town is filled with ugly girls. it has a shitty school with shitty teachers (most of them). theres nothing to do in this town.
Jeffry:jonny wanna go to east moriches?

johnny: what the fuck is wrong with you? that town sucks big hairy nut sacks

by buntrell February 04, 2009

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