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East Lee is a ghetto school with only a few normal people! mostly gangs! in the middle of lehigh, pretty much all hispanics or blacks .. if your white your a wigger most deff! (no raceisum intended) if your a hick you gunna get shott! and,, the from the time you walk in you become part of some gang cus if you don't pick one, your guna get caught in a drive-by! juss saying. if you don't have a bick cock, boobs or a butt, your never gunna loose your virginity there <3 sorry :( cops and robbers isn't a game. be careful who you say 'your mom' to, cus bitch you will get your neck slit! your hoops must be bigger than your waist. in order to be considered thick you have to have some kind of muffin top!

the school is built retarded just like the teachers! it looks big but, it's just up down up down all day long. kind of like the girls that are always in the guys bathroom giving head :D the teachers might as well not be there. it's an F school anyways! there Football team BLOWSS ASS! Never A Match For Riverdale! there cheerleaders don't even need to be Cheerleaders, they are already big enough hoes! andd, if you plan on going there for your 'future' might as wel start renting on MLK blvd :D
Ohh Shitt, Duck They From East Lee County High School <3
by Riverdalee :D September 30, 2011