Top Definition
A place in Michigan where all of the true thugs live.
Girl: Where are you going?
Boy: To ghetto ass East Jordan bitch.
by Mymoneycountmoney June 29, 2011
Shit Hole
"I hate living in East Jordan"
by Jack59 August 24, 2008
A town of wonder and beauty. A place filled with the kindess of hearts. Where the dames are the prettiest, and the gentlemen are the wittiest. A place where every day is a holiday, and the nights are always like New Years Eve. Where the days are the nappiest, the dogs the yappiest, and the kids are just the scrappiest.
East Jordan hates Commies, and loves America. If the whole world was like East Jordan than we would live in a world of good morals, and justice.
by porter blanchard August 10, 2010

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