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A small public school. With the new expansion the students are all proud of the size of thier new school (less then 1/3 the size of a private high school). The school is in an middle class town filled with somewhat spoiled kids. Most of the students are middle class and lower-middle class spoiling themselves because their parents can't afford a private school who get drunk and smoke weed, and just like every other public school, is filled with gangs and bullies. The public school is going nothing but down cause of budget cuts (classes&clubs&etc). The budget cuts keep getting worse and east Islip is almost equal to the Central Islip High School and the Brentwood High School and is bound to become a thousand times worse because in history at first there was only private schools for the rich kids who could afford them, public school was just a cheap schooling system created for the kids who are too poor to afford a real school. If you go to East Islip High School your probably poor thinking your rich.
-dude my parents are planning on switching me to East Islip High School
-dude your fucked, almost every class there has been removed cause of budget cuts

E.I. Student- I went to East Islip High School
College Student- Never heard of it

E.I. Student- With the expansion our school is so huge!

Private School Student- lmfao this school is so puny and so small, I can't believe it's a real high school!

E.I. Student- Everyone at this school is upper class and rich!
Private School Student- Oh my God, I feel so bad, it's so tiny and puny here, everyone is soooo poor, I didn't know schools in America could be like this!
by East Islip Student March 22, 2013
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