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Term used to describe a condition in a resort community where persons from the East Coast have invaded a particular area, town or region and changed the attitudes and living conditions negetively for that area.
Bumper sticker: "My J-Hole Has a East Infection"
by Jib Slice May 11, 2010
Phenomenon common in diversified cities where Caucasian, African-American, or any race other than the Asians become obsessively interested in Eastern asian cultures (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
The expression of such interest is most commonly expressed as having an Asian partner (girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse), being obsessed with anime and cosplay, as well as other popular Asian medias (Kpop, Jrock, Dramas and so forth.)
Also linked with the term Yellow Fever.
Known for its parody effect for its similarity with the common vaginal skin infection: yeast infection.
Alice was so in to the popular Asian cultures, she drowns herself in anime, cosplay and even her boyfriend was asian. She obviously has the case of an east infection.

Whenever David saw a Caucasian male with an Asian female, he would say, "That guy definitely has an East infection."
by poophuman August 02, 2011
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