Suburban town in CT where the hottest girls in Connecticut reside. About 70 percent of them are whores though. About 90 percent of the town is italian and everyone's last name ends with a vowel. Not much to offer here except for a bowling alley, chilis, and a couple baseball and soccer fields. Oh, and there's about 12 walgreens and rite-aids total in east haven alone. The high school kids think they're tough but they're all talk. They are also into wearing extremely tight jeans and DC/Vans shirts. If not skater punks, the rest of them are on steroids and have dumb Gotti haircuts. The only cool kids in East Haven are probably asian.
Stupid East Haven kid: yo lets go get some roids from Tony down the street from the green

Other east haven kid: sure, and after that lets go try to pick a fight with 8th graders but dont forget to get the budweiser and pot from Shawn.

Stupid East Haven kid: wait, i gotta go to walgreens and get more hair gel.
by struz1nski September 01, 2009
okay i live here and im saying this:
a heavy populated italian town near new haven, ct ( i swear im the only non italian )

the girls are whores with huge ass noses and dress like they weigh nothing too bad their fatass italians

the guys have no balls and are wannabees at everything, theres wanna be gangsters, skaters, emos, rockers, and everything

the football team is horrible, they suck at basketball, and hockey (this year anyway) baseball and softball are normally okay i guess..

in other words this town sucks balls you would never want to live here.
me: i hate living here

east haven slut: oh hey (insert my name here) did you know that Mike and I did it last night?

me: oh wow Amanda too bad you are only 13
by haterssssssss February 17, 2009

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