Neighborhood in north-central Brooklyn. Once a lower middle class Jewish neighborhood, now predominately West Indian, meaning Jamaican, Haitian, and Trinidadian. While sometimes labeled "thriving" and "energetic" because of its immigrant population, it's really one of New York City's worst neighborhoods, being both dirty and dangerous.
I drove to East Flatbush to visit my girl, but when I left her apartment my car had been stolen.
by Dorothy April 18, 2005
Top Definition
East Flatbush is an area of Brooklyn, its difference is that Est. Flatbush is all over full of black culture: people from all over the carribean live here, being from either Jamaica, Haiti, Saint Vincent, Grenada, or Trinidad,etc. Inside, East Flatbush are many commercial parts(stores) where any items you have money for can be accessible, You'll also find restaurants with any kind of delicious Carribbean food under the sun. This neighborhood is as safe, as the world gets in this day and age so stop by, pick up some roti, get your hair did & Welcome to East Flatbush. (50'ss!!!)
-This area/neighborhood is (ghetto-in the good way, ppl), fun and exciting but never unsafe, if you use common sense, you'll be just fine. Lock your doors at night and dont go walking real late at night, alone. You can't NOT use common knoweldge in East Flatbush or any where else in NY.
-Also, one of the areas of Brooklyn that has mainly Black People and a much smaller percentage of Hispanic.
-Beverly Rd or Tilden Ave are streets that will be found in East Flatbush.
by Sammi-kins November 07, 2005
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