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My daughter lives in East Bumfuck , NY. Population, 27.

Directions: Drive a couple of hours into the middle of no where. When you get to that point, it's only a few more hours away!
Does anyone know the area code of East Bumfuck? Do they have phones, power, cable...?
by DiDee July 25, 2004
87 15
being located very far away from anything.
Holy shit we are way out in east bum fuck.
by Lancerbean March 13, 2004
67 16
1) A location of unknown origin where the worst possible shit is likelly to happen.

2) The worst place in the history of ever.
Some fagstack stole my car! By now it's in East Bumfuck!
by Vinic March 31, 2003
55 37
parking too damn far away from where you need to be
by Anonymous July 02, 2003
32 21
New Durham, New Hampshire
You pass Farmington and realize that your in East Bum Fuck.
by omgitsthepob February 07, 2005
37 30
A place you didn't intentionally wind up at, much to your, or other people's dismay.
OH SHIT, MAN...... You got us friggin' lost way out here in East Bumfuck!!! I don't even have a clue what planet we're on here!!!
by Carlbigman February 25, 2008
9 7
the WORST place on earth, where they eat pickled pig feet, and burn sofas.
Dude, where the fuck do you live? East Bumfuck?
by John Ostroverski December 06, 2006
14 17