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the continuation of "late-nighting;" the act of waking up hungover among a large group of friends, usually co-ed, in various beds and couches... then the group proceeds to go eat an unhealthy, delicious breakfast, watch hilariously terrible movies on demand, and review digital cameras for evidence and stories from the night before

(may include morning discoveries of half-consumed food, half-smoked bowls, and half-hearted hook ups - depending on the night)
Friend: "Hey, why weren't you in class this morning?"

Girl: "Oh, I woke up at the Green House, so we all just laid around early morning-ing...watching "John Tucker Must Die" and eating egg McMuffins... the usual."

Friend: "Man, I'm jealous! I made it home last night.. bummer."
by Mellen. April 14, 2010
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