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Handsome & Cute looking Guy in a little bit Nerdy and Dorky way, but that's what makes him Cool. He has a Good Taste in Music, especially Modern / Pop Music. He also makes EPIC Mashups on YouTube! Just search: earlvin14
Person1: OMG! This Lady GaGa track fits perfectly on a One Direction track! How can they not make these into one EPIC song?

Person2: You should totally check out Earlvin on YouTube, he has exactly what you need! just search earlvin14. now!

Person1: Really? OMG! Gonna Check him out now!

*Checks YouTube for earlvin14

Person2: So? How was he?

Person1: He is a Mashup God! FOR REAL!
by Maxluther Dawson December 31, 2012
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