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An intense cramp suffered by Earl Pickles when he has not stretched himself. Earley Horses commonly occur in the legs but can appear anywhere on the body. The only known cure is intense stretches. They are hard to treat and only Earl knows how. If you feel a cramp coming on with an intense force, chances are you got yourself and Earley Horse. Watch out! It will kick you!
Earl: Oh no, I should have warmed up big time. I've got a terrible Earley Horse! (groaning) Owww.

Clyde: An Earley Horse? I know how you get those. Somebody didn't stretch!

Earl: Yeah, I forgot to. I was so busy with a bunch of other stuff that I just clean forgot. Now I'm paying for it.

Opal: You poor thing. Earley Horses really hurt, don't they?

Earl: Yes. But I bet I could still stretch it. (he stretches himself) Wow! That felt good. But its still cramping some.

Opal: Here, use my honey lotion. How about if I massage your leg with this? That would get the cramp out. (she starts massaging him) Easy now, let it work.

Clyde: How about we go for a walk, just you and me? But remember the warm up stretches! You don't want another Earley Horse.

Earl: They don't come on by force, but I sure love my Earley Horse!
by Dusty's Baby Powder November 19, 2011
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