To stick ones finger or penis in ones ear, achieving orgasm by hitting the brain.
"Me and Erica invented ear sex and have it all the time."

"We had ear sex in my car."
by God Demosthenes December 06, 2006
The scratching behind another's ear in order to sexually arouse them.
God that was some good earsex yesterday.
by AngelicaL May 11, 2005
aye.....pretty self explanitory
"fuck! didnae hear that coming!"
by thelazygeko May 25, 2004
*having sex in the ear*


Hot guys.


by you suck October 09, 2003
A hot guy is an earsex. An okay looking guy is an earfart, and an ugly guy is a dogfart.
J: Earsex!
A: Where?
P: No way, total earfart.
J: Na uh.
by Earsexyness October 09, 2003

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