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A member of the CE* (An MTA Clan)

Loves to SPAM!
You have been striked by the Eagle!
by (MTA) January 23, 2005
3 27
Slang for pussy
If you want to fuck an eagle you have to learn to fly
by iTX March 06, 2004
12 36
One's paycheck or money in general.
Man, it's been a long time since I got my last eagle!
by pentozali February 06, 2006
3 33
A retard in Blizzforums that has no idea what good taste is descidely to spam the hell out of everywhere and place so not to make any legit topic just to claim himself cool and Uber.
Eagle = retard of blizzforums
by Orb March 05, 2004
5 37
Ebonic/Redneck slang for penis or the love of penis
I want his eagle.

Your eagle and mouth is bigger then our engine.
by Earl4.9 June 07, 2005
2 36
Nickname for the British football/soccer team Crystal Palace
Cumon you Eagles!!! The Eagles beat Charlton Athletic (with ease).
by Paul Leonard November 01, 2004
35 102